About me

I am a fixer and am here to solve problems. I listen carefully to what is required, investigate design options, and deliver the solution which offers the highest-quality impact possible. I have years of experience of doing this, which is backed up with a long list of satisfied clients. Making things look better, more cost-effective, and less harmful to the planet is at the core of my design philosophy.

No two briefs are ever the same, and I have been presented with some wonderful problems to solve over the years which have included:

  • To make something look beautiful with content that is not beautiful.
  • Create a UI that looks great on a 2005 netbook running Windows XP (yes really).
  • Turn a mega-complex computer database into a user-friendly printed book.
  • To turn a static printed book into an interactive digital product.
  • Design a book in 5pt type that can be easily read at arms-length.
  • Save thousands of pounds in printing costs by a simple CMYK hack.
  • To fix a broken design and give it new life.

Everything I do is underpinned by my passion for typography, fascination in the history of art and design, and a natural curiosity for learning about new things. I have excellent craft skills and am a black belt in Adobe Creative Suite.